List of Members

Drew Allbritton
National Middle School Association
Columbus, OH

Linda Allen
South Carolina Middle School Assoc.
Myrtle Beach, SC

Nancy Ames *
CORE Consulting Services
Westborough, MA

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Lena Anderson
Florida Department of Edcuation
Tallahasse, FL

Gayle Andrews *
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Vincent Anfara, Jr.
American Educational Research Assoc.
Knoxville, TN

Patricia Benson
Michigan Schools in the Middle
Mount Pleasant, MI

Fredrick Brown
Learning Forward
Dallas, TX

Rudy Carega
The NEA Foundation
Washington, DC

Marybeth Casey
New York State Education Department
New York, NY

Alex Chough
ACT, Inc.
Iowa City, IA

Judith Conk
Int’l Studies Schools Network-The Asia Society
Nanuet, NY

Suzanne Dalton
Confederation of Oregon Schools Administrators
Salem, OR

Cecelia Daniels
Success for All Foundation
Baltimore, MD

Shelley Davis *
California GEAR UP
Oakland, CA

Susie DeHart
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Indianapolis, IN

Joan Devlin
American Federation of Teachers
Washington, DC

Christin Driscoll
Citzen Schools
Arlington, VA

Sandy Dutemple *
Virginia Schools to Watch
Manassas, VA

Jane Evans
Oregon Schools to Watch
Albany, OR

Michelle Feist
Academy for Educational Development
New York, NY

Nancy Fenton
Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools
Jackson, MI

Nancy Flowers
CPRD, University of Illinois
Champaign, IL

Cecil Floyd
Texas Middle School Association
Austin, TX

Dan French
Turning Points Center for Collaborative Ed.
Boston, MA

Lori Gardner
Utah Schools to Watch
Park City, UT

Peggy Gaskill
Peggy Gaskill & Associates
Livonia, MI

Gina Grant
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL

Karen Hamilton
Kentucy Schools to Watch
Richmond, KY

John Harrison *
North Carolina Middle School Association
Pinehurst, NC

Gail Hilliard-Nelson
New Jersey Consortium for Middle Grades
Union, NJ

Steve Hoelscher
Michigan Middle Start
Battle Creek, MI

Sabrina Hope King
New York City Department of Education
New York City, NY

Linda Hopping *
Georgia Lighthouse Schools to Watch
Sandy Springs, GA

David Hough
Missouri State University
Springfield, MO

Irvin Howard *
California League of Middle Schools
Redlands, CA

Christine Huley
Utah Schools to Watch
Salt Lake City, UT

Deborah Kasak *
National Forum to Accelerate
Middle-Grades Reform
Savoy, IL

Patti Kinney
Nat’l Assoc. of Secondary School Principals
Reston, VA

Diane Lauer
Colorado Assoc. of Middle Level Educators
Loveland, CO

Douglas Mac Iver
Center for the Social Organizations of Schools
Baltimore, MD

Cynthia Mata-Aguilar
Education Development Center
Newton, MA

Molly McCloskey
Assoc. for Supervision & Curriculum Dev.
Alexandria, VA

David McNair
New Jersey Department of Education
Trenton, NJ

Kelly McNeal
Dept of Secondary and Middle School Ed
Wayne, NJ

Paul Meck
Pennsylvania Middle School Assoc.
Mechanicsburg, PA

Steve Mertens *
Illinois State University
Normal, IL

Hayes Mizell
National Staff Development Council
Columbia, SC

Patrick Montesano *
Academy for Educational Development
New York, NY

Barbara Moore *
Southern Regional Education Board
Atlanta, GA

Peter Murphy *
California League of Middle Schools
Long Beach, CA

John Nori *
Nat’l Assoc. of Secondary School Principals
Reston, VA

David Payton
New York State Middle School Assoc.
Pleasantville, NY

Phyllis Pendarvis *
Middle Level Teacher Education Initiative
Columbia, SC

Lisette Parteleon
Alliance for Excellent Education
Washington, DC

Patricia Renner *
The College Board
Washington, DC

Carol Riley
Nat’l Assoc. of Elementary School Principals
Alexandria, VA

Ellen Ringer *
California Department of Education
Sacramento, CA

Fran Salyers
Ctr. for Middle School Academic Achievement
Lancaster, KY

Deb Schrock
Assoc. of Illinois Middle-Level Schools
Champaign, IL

Joseph Shannon
Intrn’l Center for Leadership in Education
Rexford, NY

Dan Stacy
Ohio Department of Education
Columbus, OH

Sue Swaim
National Middle School Assoc.
Aurora, ME

Ron Williamson
Eastern Michigan University
Saline, MI

Stephanie Wood-Garnett
Center for Comp. School Reform and Imprvmt.
Washington, DC

Shirley Wright
Indiana Middle Level Education Association
Indianapolis, IN

* Indicates Board Member