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Leadership Curriculum
The National Forum places a high priority on strengthening the capacity of current and future middle-grades leaders. To this end, it has developed a leadership development curriculum to assist those who wish to increase the pace of middle-grades reform.

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Mathematics Improvement Toolkit

The National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform is proud to announce a new Toolkit devoted to improving mathematics instruction in the middle grades. The Mathematics Improvement Toolkit provides a variety of professional development opportunities for middle grades mathematics educators serving diverse student populations. From workshops, to teacher guides and online resources, the tools provide a strong foundation on which to build stronger mathematics instruction for adolescent learners.

The tools include universal design curriculum modules, moderated online professional development, and
workshops focusing on teaching high-level math to English language learners, collaboration and co-teaching, and language in the math classroom. The Toolkit was designed by leading national organizations with the characteristics of strong professional development in mind.

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The tools:

Tap into the expertise of skilled professionals within districts;
Incorporate the resources needed for rich professional development experiences;
Provide a variety of options to meet the range of needs and schedules of schools and districts; and
Feature active and interactive experiences that have been tested and refined in response to
input from teachers in the field.
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