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The topmost rated platform for trading on the forex market is MetaTrader 4. It is so powerful that this trading system will let you execute any complex strategy. Here is the list of tools that this offers:

  • The market and pending orders
  • Executing trades instantly
  • Looking at the chart and doing trade
  • Stop order and trailing stop

Using MetaTrader 4 helps in making the trading flexible and well as convenient because it has three modes from where you can execute, double market orders, pending orders, are 4 in number, stop orders and trailing stop are also double.

The strongest element of MetaTrader 4 is the Analytical Functions that this platform makes use of. The way it is able to respond in a quick manner when there is a change in the price is that there are interactive charts and online quotes that include 9 periods. This will allow the examining of the quotes. To simplify this function there are 30 in-built technical indicators and analytical objects that are 23 in number. But this is not all that this platform offers, this is just a small part of the platform.

There are in-built marketplace and Code Base that is offered for free on this platform. Visit the following site to know about another software for forex trading. These two features in combination will give thousands of indicators that add up to rise the options for analytical functions in number to a completely different height. There are tools for analyzing as well which will detect any moves that happen in the market so that traders can respond at the appropriate time.

Analytical tools:

  • Interactive charts
  • Timeframes that are nine in number
  • Analytical objects that are 23 in number
  • There are about 30 technical indicators

There is an option in MetaTrader 4 that will copy the trades of other traders automatically whenever you don’t have time to do it yourself. All you have to do is a selection of service provider, begin with subscribing to the signal and finally permit the software to copy the trades done by that provider. There are thousands of signals that will offer different profits and have a different range of risks is offered either free or by paying some fee is available on the tip of your finger. They are available in both demo accounts and real accounts.

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