Money Is Important –So Is Due Diligence

Money Is Important –So Is Due Diligence

People have many needs and necessities and some of these essentially need money to be fulfilled. For example, whatever may be said about love and balance of life and work, we cannot deny the fact that we all need money to survive in the world. Whether it is a house, food or clothes and then medical requirements and education of the children, a family is always looking for more money and more opportunities to make money.

You can see that the internet is replete with new means and schemes for making money online and using innovative methods. The problem with these schemes is that many of these take advantage of this necessity and try to take people for a ride. Many people do not really are educated enough or knowledgeable about financial implications. They feel that any scheme would be good enough and all that they need to do is to save every month whatever is left after spending from their monthly income.

Invest – Do not just save

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people commit while planning for a secure financial future. They just save after spending and that too without proper planning. A website like Alex reviews can guide people in the right direction that can help them make the right decisions while saving for the future.  You can learn more, about many online schemes that are launched from time to time, that are created to make money.

The first thing that people should know is that they should save and invest first before planning the spending part. It may sound like a catch 22 situation. But the fact is that people cannot save enough after they have already spent most of their income. So save and invest before spending. This way you can differentiate between, your necessities and essential spending – and save the rest of the money before the desires and unnecessary temptations hit the mind.

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Who are the Major Participants of Forex Trading Market?

Who are the Major Participants of Forex Trading Market?

Forex or foreign exchange market offers an opportunity to make more money with significantly low investments. The forex market is a market in which the people can buy or sell currencies by using other currencies. Forex trade activities are not controlled by any centralized market system; generally, the transactions are conducted through online broker platforms. The forex market has now become one of the largest liquid markets in the world, because of the huge amount of trading that can be done in twenty-four hours a day and throughout the week. The technological advancement brought about a lot of changes in the online trading market, very good example is the emergence of cryptocurrency but bitcoin code review to be done before investing these an option. Similarly, the currency trading transactions can now be done through electronic devices. Transactions can be conducted through computer networks in any place around the world. But in olden days the forex trading was conducted by some large financial institutions, banks, corporations, hedge funds and so on.

The Major Participants in Forex Trading Market

  • Private or Commercial Banks

The banks are the financial institutions where we can deposit and get returns in form of interest from our savings. They also provide other services like loan facilities, different profitable savings schemes, locker facilities etc. But some private banks and commercial banks invest in the forex trading platform by using the money of the customers without permission, and thereby they make more profit for their institutions. This is the main reason that the bank doesn’t allow you to withdraw your balance in one day. The private and commercial banks make more profit by using these types of trading methods and they only provide a very low amount of annual return to their customers.

  • Central Banks Swiss National Bank

The central banks in foreign exchange market are the Swiss National Bank, European central bank, United States Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of England. These banks can influence Forex markets in numerous ways. They also have an impact on the value of the currency by rolling huge amounts of money

  • Brokers

Brokers are the mediator between investors and trading market. They charge a fee for their services, they help the investors to find out the best profitable investment options in the forex market.

  • Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are a very common type of fund available in the online trading market. It is a kind of fund in which the investors invest their money and give permission to manage funds to one professional trader or group of traders. The hedge fund managers are mainly companies, banks who put a part of your money in different hedge funds. The professional hedge trader can guarantee a high yearly annual return for investments.

Ways To Inflate The Profits In A Business

Ways To Inflate The Profits In A Business

Why do we want to begin and run an own business?

To get higher profits and to lead the burden free and happiest life

Yes, most of the business owners would like to ace up the profits but there are some unique ways to follow to reach the profit milestone easily and quickly let us share some thoughts on it here.

  1. Price:

We could have seen many smaller businesses have given their products and services to the customers for a very lower cost This can be expected only in the beginning of the company as the owners would like to grab the clients towards their companies and to pursue getting profits, we must inflate the prices of the products gradually. This is the most common ideology most of the entrepreneurs are following even the smaller business traders.

This tactic works very well and the patrons never look at the prices once they start liking the service much. So, the business owners can get both customers as well as very high profits simultaneously.

  1. Review the staff:

The staff is the most important ones for any business. If they give out their best in whatever they do, then obviously the business can go higher and higher and get a unique brand name in the business market. But it is the responsibility of the owner to review the work of the staff and give them more and more work to raise the profitability of the company.

  1. Strategy:

The landlords should use some authentic strategies to attract the clients but it should never make an impact on the profits of the business. The strategy and tactic we use help to bring the business to the next level.

  1. No negotiation:

We should never negotiate the price of the materials at any cost but the way we tackle the patron’s matters a lot. Mso of the people want to negotiate the money for the product but once the owner starts negotiating the price for a single customer, then they should follow the same for all the people. This generates a great unexpected loss at the end. So, make the clients understand and never bear any negotiation.

  1. Avoid discounting:

The purchasers rush towards a specific business when they provide a special offer or discount.  But providing products and services for discounted prices make the owner see a huge loss. So, the manufacturer of the company should be very clear when to give discounts and when to avoid declaring any offers to the customers.


Crypto World Evolution

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Policy and Research

Members of the National Forum conduct research on critical education issues that affect the daily lives of students, parents, teachers, and administrators. As a body, the Forum also prepares and disseminates policy statements to spur discussion and help others address these issues.


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Over the past several years, the membership of the National Forum have raised questions and issues directly related to middle grades’ research. A Research Committee was formed in early 2006 to propose a Research Agenda for its work to support the vision of the National Forum.
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Indicators of Middle School Implementation: How Do Kentucky’s Schools to Watch Measure Up?
This research article on Kentucky’s Schools to Watch (STW) and how they are measuring up, written by Chris Cook,Shawn Faulkner, and Lenore Kinne from Northern Kentucky University, has been published in Research in Middle Level Education Online. In the article the authors report and analyze the findings of their research that looked at the perceived level of implementation of the middle level concepts in both schools designated as a Kentucky STW and non-designated ones. In the study the authors also compared the academic performance of the two groups. The research does show a slight difference in both the level of perceived implementation of middle school concepts and student achievement between schools designated a STW and the non-designated schools. The schools designated as a STW had a greater level of implementation and student achievement was higher. In their concluding remarks the authors make several significant recommendations. Read the complete article.

Policy Statements
The Forum seeks to engage key stakeholders in the critical issues of middle-grades reform. We realize that for changes to occur at the school and classroom level, policy makers must provide support to middle-grades schools. To accelerate these changes, the Forum develops and disseminates policy statements on issues that have a direct impact on middle-grades education.
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Find out about our new
leadership curriculum for middle-grades reform
The National Forum Resource Directory is now available.

The National Forum also has tools and resources available for members and others who are giving presentations on the Forum’s work. We have developed an Information Packet and a Speaker’s Kit that can be adapted for your own use.

Also, check out our links to other middle-grades related sites.


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Schools to Watch Selection Criteria

The members of the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform believe that youth in the middle grades are capable of learning and achieving at high levels. forum members share a sense of urgency that high-performing middle-grades schools become the norm, not the exception.


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To that end, the Forum has identified a set of selection criteria to describe high-performing schools that serve students in the middle-grades. Learn more about each of them below.

Academic Excellence
Developmental Responsiveness
Social Equity
Organizational Structures and Processes

Academic Excellence

High-performing schools with middle grades are academically excellent. They challenge all students to use their minds well.

All students are expected to meet high academic standards. Teachers supply students with exemplars of high quality work that meets the performance standard. Students revise their work based on feedback until they meet or exceed the performance standard.

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are aligned with high standards. They provide a coherent vision for what students should know and be able to do. The curriculum is rigorous and non-repetitive; it moves forward substantially as students progress through the middle grades.

The curriculum emphasizes deep understanding of important concepts, development of essential skills, and the ability to apply what one has learned to real-world problems. By making connections across the disciplines, the curriculum helps reinforce important concepts.

Instructional strategies include a variety of challenging and engaging activities that are clearly related to the concepts and skills being taught.

Teachers use a variety of methods to assess student performance (e.g., exhibitions, projects, performance tasks) and maintain a collection of student work. Students learn how to assess their own and others’ work against the performance standards.

The school provides students time to meet rigorous academic standards. Flexible scheduling enables students to engage in extended projects, hands-on experiences, and inquiry-based learning. Most class time is devoted to learning and applying knowledge or skills rather than classroom management and discipline.

Students have the supports they need to meet rigorous academic standards. They have multiple opportunities to succeed and extra help as needed.

The adults in the school have opportunities to plan, select, and engage in professional development aligned with nationally recognized standards. They have regular opportunities to work with their colleagues to deepen their knowledge and improve their practice. They collaborate in making decisions about rigorous curriculum and effective instructional methods. They discuss student work as a means of enhancing their own practice.
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Developmental Responsiveness

High-performing schools with middle grades are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence.

The school creates a personalized environment that supports each student’s intellectual, ethical, social, and physical development. The school groups adults and students in small learning communities characterized by stable, close, and mutually respectful relationships.

The school provides access to comprehensive services to foster healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Teachers use a wide variety of instructional strategies to foster curiosity, exploration, creativity, and the development of social skills.

The curriculum is both socially significant and relevant to the personal interests of young adolescents.

Teachers make connections across disciplines to help reinforce important concepts and address real-world problems.

The school provides multiple opportunities for students to explore a rich variety of topics and interests in order to develop their identity, discover and demonstrate their own competence, and plan for their future.

Students have opportunities for voice — posing questions, reflecting on experiences, developing rubrics, and participating in decisions.

The school develops alliances with families to enhance and support the well-being of their children. It involves families as partners in their children’s education, keeping them informed, involving them in their children’s learning, and assuring participation in decision-making.

The school provides students with opportunities to develop citizenship skills, uses the community as a classroom, and engages the community in providing resources and support.

The school provides age-appropriate co-curricular activities.
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Social Equity

High-performing schools with middle grades are socially equitable, democratic, and fair. They provide every student with high-quality teachers, resources, learning opportunities, and supports. They keep positive options open for all students.

Faculty and administrators expect high-quality work from all students and are committed to helping each student produce it. Evidence of this commitment includes tutoring, mentoring, special adaptations, and other supports.

Students may use many and varied approaches to achieve and demonstrate competence and mastery of standards.

The school continually adapts curriculum, instruction, assessment, and scheduling to meet its students’ diverse and changing needs.

All students have equal access to valued knowledge in all school classes and activities.

Students have on-going opportunities to learn about and appreciate their own and others’ cultures. The school values knowledge from the diverse cultures represented in the school and our nation.

Each child’s voice is heard, acknowledged, and respected.

The school welcomes and encourages the active participation of all its families.

The school’s reward system demonstrates that it values diversity, civility, service, and democratic citizenship.

The faculty is culturally and linguistically diverse.

The school’s suspension rate is low and in proportion to the student population.
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Organizational Structures and Processes

High-performing schools with middle grades are learning organizations that establish norms, structures, and organizational arrangements to support and sustain their trajectory toward excellence.

A shared vision of what a high-performing school is and does drives every facet of school change. Shared and sustained leadership propels the school forward and preserves its institutional memory and purpose.

Someone in the school has the responsibility and authority to hold the school-improvement enterprise together, including day-to-day know-how, coordination, strategic planning, and communication.

The school is a community of practice in which learning, experimentation, and reflection are the norm. Expectations of continuous improvement permeate the school. The school devotes resources to ensure that teachers have time and opportunity to reflect on their classroom practice and learn from one another. At school everyone’s job is to learn.

The school devotes resources to content-rich professional development, which is connected to reaching and sustaining the school vision. Professional development is intensive, of high quality, and ongoing.

The school is not an island unto itself. It draws upon others’ experience, research, and wisdom; it enters into relationships such as networks and community partnerships that benefit students’ and teachers’ development and learning.

The school holds itself accountable for its students’ success rather than blaming others for its shortcomings. The school collects, analyzes, and uses data as a basis for making decisions. The school grapples with school-generated evaluation data to identify areas for more extensive and intensive improvement. It delineates benchmarks, and insists upon evidence and results. The school intentionally and explicitly reconsiders its vision and practices when data call them into question.

Key people possess and cultivate the collective will to persevere and overcome barriers, believing it is their business to produce increased achievement and enhanced development for all students.

The school works with colleges and universities to recruit, prepare, and mentor novice and experienced teachers. It insists on having teachers who promote young adolescents’ intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and ethical growth. It recruits a faculty that is culturally and linguistically diverse.

The school includes families and community members in setting and supporting the school’s trajectory toward high performance. The school informs families and community members about its goals for students and students’ responsibility for meeting them. It engages all stakeholders in ongoing and reflective conversation, consensus building, and decision making about governance to promote school improvement.

Comprehensive School Reform Models

AIM at Middle-Grades Results • Different Ways of Knowing
Making Schools Work • Middle Start
Success for All Middle School Program
Talent Development Middle School Model • Turning Points


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Background • Model Design • Research Findings
Research Findings
Closing the Gaps in the Middle Grades (PDF document) is the latest publication that includes data from both middle-grades initiatives at SREB.
Also read the research brief, Middle Grades to High School:Mending the Weak Link.


=> Introduction
The Need for Specialized Preparation of Middle-Grades Teachers
The Mandate for Middle-Level Teacher Licensure
Essential Elements of Middle-Level Teacher Preparation Program

The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform is committed to making high-performing middle-grades schools the norm rather than the exception. We believe that specialized preparation of middle-grades educators will produce competent and caring teachers who are well-qualified to teach young adolescents. Therefore, we strongly support the specialized preparation of middle-level teachers at both the pre-service and graduate levels. To that end, we make the following recommendations:

States should establish mandatory requirements for middle-level teacher licensure as an incentive for both institutions and individuals to pursue a middle-level specialization.
Colleges and universities should establish teacher preparation programs that prepare practicing and future teachers to work specifically with young adolescents, and assign faculty and staff with expertise in middle-level education to these programs.
Districts and schools should hire middle-grades teachers to teach the subjects they are prepared to teach. Furthermore, they should focus on creating the conditions in which both teachers and students can succeed.
States should make middle-level teacher licensure specific to the middle grades (e.g., grades 5 through 8, or 6 through 9) and not overlap significantly with licensure for the elementary or high school levels.
Middle-grades licensure for content-area teachers (such as language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies) should be middle-grades subject-specific and middle-grades standards-based, including concentrated study in two or more academic areas. For other middle-grades teachers (e.g., special education, bilingual education), specialized training in middle-level education and early adolescence should be required.
Colleges and universities should work in partnership with districts and schools to provide ongoing professional development and sustained support for both new and veteran middle-level teachers. This will not only help retain good teachers, but also ensure their continual learning.
In recent years, many organizations and individuals have called for teacher education reform. The Forum is specifically concerned with creating excellent middle-grades teachers who are prepared to teach challenging content to young adolescents. In order to ensure that middle-grades teachers have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to teach their students well, teacher preparation programs must focus on three critical areas:

Academic excellence. Middle-grades teachers must have a deep understanding of both the subjects they teach and how to help young adolescents learn the concepts and skills of demanding curricula. BitCoin Trader, the new online investment and crypto currency trading platform has been developed by the experts who have a deep understanding on the concepts of cryptography and investments. Hence this tool has been able to reap the best in the industry. All the information and the personal details fed into the software are heavily coded and there are no chances of data leak. It also collaborated with reputed and genuine brokers and we can definitely declare that BitCoin Trader is not a scam. Discover more here at BitCoin Trader
Developmental responsiveness. Middle-grades teachers must have a solid understanding of early adolescence, as well as the skills and dispositions to work with young adolescents’ unique developmental challenges. These teachers should know how to motivate young adolescents by engaging them actively in their own learning.
Equity and cultural diversity. Middle-grades teachers must have a wide repertoire of skills, mixed with a sustained sense of hope, support, and expectations for achievement, to enhance learning and development for the most racially and ethnically diverse school population in our nation’s history.
Ultimately, the focus of all teacher preparation programs must be on results. Teacher preparation programs must provide prospective teachers with field-based experiences where they have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life settings. Graduates should be able to demonstrate that they contribute to middle-grades students’ healthy development and their ability to perform at high levels on multiple indicators of academic success. Moreover, they should leave no young adolescent behind.